Lei-an – Imagine Me [album produced by Funky DL]

Lei-an / Biography

Many young budding R&B vocalists from the UK have for many years diligently engaged in tackling the soul and R&B music scene. Lei-an is no stranger to the aforementioned having practiced her talents since she was as young as 7 years old.

Lei-an was consistently exposed to music and her early influences range from Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson to Madonna and Lauren Hill provoking Lei-an to actively seek the potential of her abilities in community shows and youth events alongside her then singing partner, becoming well known for their music by their peers.

As a duo, Lei-an and her singing partner created, contrived and orchestrated their own style and strived towards cracking the music industry with their fresh image and sound. After some time the group disbanded and individually the two sought separate careers in music. It was at this time that Lei-an and MOBO award winning hip-hop artist Funky DL (whom she had met in passing in a studio some years previous) decided they would at some point get in the studio together, but this would not take place until roughly a year after their initial conversations.

Then it happened… Lei-an embarked in recording with DL and they realized that their chemistry as vocalist and producer was justification for their decision to embark on a project as the first track recorded was the lead title from the album “Imagine” which resulted in a passionate yet rugged, sweet yet solid street worthy boom bap of a jam, layered with melodious harmonics and the subtleties of the multi talented Xantoné Blacq (Amy Winehouse band keyboardist)

After this point the two set about crafting a diverse collection of tracks which offered a rainbow of clever and catchy grooves to contribute towards what was to become Lei-an’s debut album “Imagine Me”. Lei-an and DL co-wrote the album together and also decided that they would both write solitary for the album as to give the project its strong variety in its written development. As a result “Imagine Me” is filled with chic styles, great grooves and class cuts for any discerning music lover and provides the right color, character and emotion to reflect the true artist that Lei-an is and her expressive story.

Lei-an appeared on the highly anticipated “4th Quarter Block Party” line up at London’s famous venue “The Jazz Café” alongside, Funky DL, Phoebe One, DJ Kofi and Pyrelli and astounded the crowd with her smooth and charismatic performance, using this platform to get new fans onside and effortlessly showcase her material to a keen audience.

All in all, Lei-an has worked extremely hard at crafting her niche and has vigorously pursued her passion as a vocalist, confidently creating the kind of music that anyone with a real ear for authentic sounds and true musicianship would recognize at the drop of a hat…

The album saw its initial release in Japan in 2008 via the Toys Factory.


released 17 May 2012
Produced by: Funky DL for Washington Classics except “Crazy”
produced by Midas for Groundworks Productions
Recorded and mixed by: Funky DL at The Washington SoundLab
All songs published by: Copyright Control 2008
Album mastering by: Rick Essig at R.E.M. Sound, New York
Album direction and co-ordination: N. Newman / L. Mcleish
Project consultancy: Michael Amaning
Executive producer: N. Newman for Washington Classics
Artwork design and layout by:
Wash Logo by: Sanchez for Vicious Circle Design
Photography by: Nemo Roberts
Additional photography by: WashArt
Make up styling by: Ken Nakano
Hair styling by: Satoru Suzuki

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