Home Brew – Summer Ale

Hey bro. Can you pass me my matching red n yellow plastic bucket and spade and a Home Brew Summer Ale out the chilly-bin? I’m going to the rock pools to look for crabs. Oh you don’t like crabs? What a not in touch with nature dude. Sweet az then. You can just look after our stuff while I’m finding mean snorks n that.

Don’t drink all the beers but. Oh and go get us 42 double C batteries so we can work the Ghetto Blaster. Oi! Where’s my SPF 65 sun block? Oh and pass me my hat with the neck protector tail. Tah. Don’t want to catch leukaemia aye. And chuck us a Summer Ale please bro. Cheers. *sips* Faaar. That’s refreshingly choice.

Home Brew’s Summer Ale is a perfect balance of rich rhyme and soulful undertones all coupled with a crisp blend of fresh funk that result in a great dichotomy between bitter taste and sweet flavour aye?…’Shux yeah’




released 16 March 2009
Original beat recipe brewed by Haz Beats. Home brewed & fermented by DJ Substance. Final taste test conducted by Chris Macro.

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