Slate Digital Cup – Audio Mixing Contest Season

Slate Digital Cup – Audio Mixing Contest Season

Improve your audio mixing skills and win every Slate Digital plugin FOR LIFE in the Slate Digital Cup

The Slate Digital Cup is up and running. Download your files today.

Dramatically Improve Your Mixing Skills FAST!
I’ve designed the scoring of the Slate Digital Cup to award competitors for two thing:

  • Scoring high in each monthly mixing contest
  • Helping their fellow competitors get better

This means that if even if you suck ass at mixing now, you will get one-on-one help with your mixes from other guys who’ve mixed the exact same song in the most friendly recording forum on the web. You just don’t find that quality of help ANYWHERE. Experienced mixers MUST help their fellow man if they have any interest in winning the Slate Digital Cup.

In other words, your mixing skills will improve RADICALLY. The Slate Digital Cup is awesome for beginners and experience mixers.

Who’s The Best Mixer In Home Recording Land?
Think you may have what it takes to be the best mixer in the home recording world? Step on up and enter the Slate Digital Cup.

12 Monthly Mixing Contests – 1 Big Season
Each month a new mixing contest will begin. You’ll download tracks, make the best possible mix you can, and upload it. You and your peers will vote for the top 16 entries and then RecordingReview judges will step in to pick the winners in a Final Four-style head-to-head tournament.

Incredible Prizes
Each monthly mixing contest winner will have their choice of one plugin from Slate Digital:

The Grand Prize winner of the year-long Slate Digital Cup will receive every Slate Digital plugin FOR LIFE!!

Not only does Slate Digital have an array of some of the most intense plugins on the market right now, they assure me they have a ton of exciting new super secret plugins on the way.

What Musical Genres?
My goal is to cover as many musical genres as possible. I’d like to do everything from trance to metal to country to folk.

When Does The Audio Mixing Start?
I will launch each mixing contest the 1rst of each month starting with March of 2012. You’ll have until the last day of the month to enter the contest.

What Are The Rules For Each Mixing Contest?
You can find on rules, news, guidelines, and details on the Slate Digital Cup in the Rules, Details, Prizes, Questions, and Comments forum.

Do I Need To Join The Forum?
Yes. Don’t worry. It’s free. Register Today.

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