How to Rap part 1

You wanna know how to rap?

The most important thing is inspiration.

Listen to the best rappers and see how they produce and perform their piece of art (rap), then you see how it should be done. Everyone’s first step was to learn from other rappers – and it should be your way as well. Start from analyzing texts and the performance of rappers which represent a high level in this area. Then try to get some information by which artist they were inspired themselves and how they developed their style.

The next step is to find a subject for your lyrics. Start to write about your live, where you have grown up, what kind of experiences you made and how you came to do what you are doing now. You can also write about people you know, or use information from stories which they had told you. It’s also possible to write about things which didn’t happen – you can try to imagine yourself
as a writer or scriptwriter. Some very popular topics are: politics, religion, love (or just chicks) or self-development. You mustn’t forget that party is very important in the world of rap – so feel free to write about parties,
clubs, concerts or just about spending a nice time.

Peace and love,

Mr. White.

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