Beat Making Secrets: Hip Hop in Session: FL Studio 9 Tutorials

Z tych tutoriali możecie się dowiedzieć, jak zrobić wysokiej jakości bity na Fruity Loops  Studio 9.

Są to filmy instruktażowe mojego guru;) Terrence’a Fleming’a, są po angielsku, ale przy odrobinie chęci można się z nich wiele nauczyć. Więc nie zrażajcie się od razu, ponieważ jeżeli chcecie robić muzykę na najwyższym poziomie to trzeba się poświęcić i siedzieć tyle czasu ile trzeba, ale uwierzcie mi że nie pożałujecie.

Production Session Title: New FL Studio 9 Tutorial 101

Info from Terrence:

Welcome back to a new cool tutorial, we talk about FL Studio 9, we discuss how Fruity Loops is the perfect cross between Reason 4, Cubase and Protools! You must love the fact that FL Studio is intelligent enough to add VST capabilities to their platform right? We discuss the benefits of FLS9 as well as making a nice cool East West style flavored track, by using big kicks snares, rides and cymbals. Check out this free 1st posted video for the month.

Production Session Title: New FL Studio 9 Tutorial 102 “MoNoise”


Hello good hard working producers of the future. In our last session I wanted to work out some kinks with the beat I made in Part 1 of our FL Studio session. Well I took a little me time and developed a new production piece utilizing the same drum adding though a different approach and treatment. It’s amazing how you can come up with totally and completely different pieces with the same rhytm, this is probably why so many producers used the same drum patterns back in the day, fortunately there is no copyrights on drum patterns, check it!

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