Ernest Gonzales – While on Saturn’s Rings

Ernest Gonzales is a “Hyphenated American” aka Hispanic, Chicano, Latino, or Mexican — whatever you want to call it. He grew up next door to the Alamo, but his Spanish is muy pequito. Gonzales is the only child of an electrician father and a Home Depot customer service rep mom. Latch-key only child = video games, drawing trees, making bow and arrows, too much MTV, and pizza pockets. Somehow in between summer engineering camps Gonzales decided to go to art school, but he has no plans of painting the Virgen de Guadalupe.

With his latest and first official release, While on Saturn’s Rings, Gonzales takes his sound in a different direction by incorporating live guitar and allowing more of his influences to surface. While on Saturn’s Rings is playful and psychedelic yet contemplative. The music is a mash up of styles from indie rock and hip hop to 8 bit video games and down south beats….but you can call it whatever you want to.

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